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Roblox Promo Codes List - How to Redeem

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Author: Denis Malinka
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Roblox is an amazingly successful multiplayer hit that does not hesitate to delight its players with free game content. Whether you want to find a new hat for your character or some other stylish outfit, the game can offer you numerous promo codes for such visual upgrades.

Roblox Promo Codes List - How to Redeem

    Even though these codes can be relevant for a pretty long time, you should be aware that they will not work forever. Considering this, you need to go to the game’s site and redeem the codes that you have not activated yet. Otherwise, you just miss out on the free opportunity to get themed in-game “cosmetics” and skins.

    Once you have logged in to the site, go to the promo codes section. You will see a simple one-line form that will allow you to activate any code. Fill it in with selected codes, and you will find all the wanted items in your inventory.

    It is also worth pointing out that you can get free stuff not only through promo codes. The avatar shop will allow you to get numerous items without spending a single cent. Many of the products available here are worth nothing, so you can add them to your account with a single click.

    Promo Codes You Should Use for Mansion of Wonders

    You can redeem the following codes only if you visit Swag Booth and participate in the Build It, Play It: Mansion of Wonder adventure.

    • BOARDWALK - you obtain the Ring of Flames waist.
    • GLIMMER - you add the Head Slime to your accessories.
    • THINGSGOBOOM - you get the Ghastly Aura waist.
    • PARTICLEWIZARD - you add the Tomes of the Magus shoulders to your inventory.
    • FXARTIST - you receive the Artist Backpack.

    Besides that, keep in mind that the Vans World Halloween experience can also provide you with cool free Roblox “cosmetics.”

    Promo Codes You Should Use for the Island of Move

    These promotional codes will bring you the items you want if you activate them in the Island of Move game.

    • WORLDALIVE - you get the Crystalline Companion accessory.
    • DIY - you receive the Kinetic Staff.
    • STRIKEAPOSE - you become the owner of the Hustle Hat.
    • GETMOVING - you get the Speedy Shades.
    • VICTORYLAP - you obtain the Cardio Cans hat.
    • SETTINGTHESTAGE - you get the Build It Backpack.

    Roblox Promo Codes Presented in November 2021

    • SMYTHSCAT2021 - you obtain the King Tab hat.
    • CARREFOURHOED2021 - you get the Pasta hat.
    • TARGETMINTHAT2021 - you receive the Peppermint hat.
    • AMAZONFRIEND2021 - you get the Snowy friend.
    • TWEETROBLOX - you add the Bird Says shoulder pet to your collection.
    • ROBLOXEDU2021 - you obtain the Dev Deck accessory.
    • SPIDERCOLA - you get the Spider Cola shoulder pet.
    • KROGERDAYS2021 - you receive the Golf shades.

    Promo Items Available in the Avatar Shop

    The game’s Avatar Shop is full of awesome Roblox promo items, and you can get them easily. Just use the search term “free” in the store to open the catalogue and filter it by the Featured option. You will see a reasonably varied assortment, including headphones, hairstyles, caps and other accessories.

    The good news is that you do not have to do anything complicated to get these items. After you have logged into your account, click on the lot you are interested in. You will then see basic information about this item and the “Get” button. Press it and make one more click to add the selected accessory to your game profile.


    9.83 (Votes: 3)


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