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Stardew Valley Forester or Gatherer | Which Profession Is Best?

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Author: Denis Malinka
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Once you have succeed to advance up to the level 5 in Stardew Valley, you will have the option to choose the profession. It is significant for the gameplay — otherwise, it would not be possible to accomplish the fifth level. 

Both professions get unlocked at level 5 of the game. Logically, they both possess some merits and demerits.


    So, having a desire to make the right decision and grab the biggest amount of resources in Stardew Valley, look no further, we have what you need.

    Here is a concise guide to help you get an idea of the two professions in Stardew Valley. Go through this page to get rid of any confusion about choosing the profession of Forester or Gatherer in the game.

    Is Forester or Gatherer the Better Profession?

    As we said above, both professions are characterized by a set of perks, and both may have some pros and cons as well. Before we ask ourselves which profession should be considered the best, let us see what the advantages of both professions are.

    Why should you care about the profession and its choice? In fact, there is a significant reason: Forester will advance you to higher quantities of Hardwood, while the Gatherer profession is intended to make much more money.

    Can you see it now?

    So, we will provide you with the exact specifications on both professions here, so that you would be able to compare. Along with this, we will give you some vital hints that would simplify your choice.

    Let us start off with the profession of Forester.


    The amount of wood that you will instantly get is no more than 25%. It assumes that each time when you are going to cut down the trees, their amount would be 1.25. 

    Herein, the first drawback of the profession appears — you cannot have enough wood to build the buildings required. Of course, if you happen to find some rare trees, it would be more fruitful.

    Forester Specializations

    • When you choose to become a Forester in the game, you will be able to obtain 50% more wood by chopping trees. This hardwood should be utilized to manufacture diverse materials and build farm buildings in the valley.
    • When you advance and reach level 10, you can choose between Lumberjack and Tapper.
    • The Lumberjack constantly supplies you with wood (being one of the vital resources in Stardew Valley.
    • Tapper will assist you in grabbing 25% extra cash funds if you sell all Syrups.

    In case you opt for becoming a Forester, you can get extra hardwood which will help you craft several things easily, but going in for a Tapper will accumulate some additional money for you.


    Whenever you decide on becoming a Gatherer in Stardew Valley, you should be aware of the bonus of 20% chance to double your harvest.

    What is more, Gatherer can earn extra points by adding the vegetables and fruits to the recipes, which is impossible for the Forester.

    Gatherer Specializations

    • When you choose to become a Gatherer, you have a chance to double all of your harvested items.
    • Similarly to the Forester, you will have two professions choice as the Gatherer at level 10 — the Botanist and Tracker.
    • You will always obtain the best items in the game being a botanist.
    • The tracker will help you locate all hidden objects to forage in the game.

    So, in case your choice is to be a Gatherer, you can get the location of all hidden artifacts effortlessly or make cash out of by selling all good quality items.

    After looking at the pros and cons of both professions, the Gatherer profession is more useful as it requires less effort to obtain money and other resources. In any case, it solely depends on the player and their preferences and skills. The game should bring satisfaction, so the mechanics of choice are not that significant.

    Anyway, no matter which profession you would go in for the game, you will have the best cozy experiences and entertainment with this immersive title.


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