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Stellaris Alien Box – a Quick Guide

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Author: Denis Malinka
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The Stellaris space universe provides players with tons of unique opportunities to improve their empire, and the Orbital Speed ​​Demon event chain is one of them. If you manage to participate in it and find the Stellaris Alien Box somewhere in the asteroid field, you get a chance to improve your empire’s major species with a permanent trait.

Stellaris Alien Box – a quick guide

    This rare, phenomenal event can include 5 different stages depending on your decisions. Having saved the box, you will get a special task to unlock it, which will open up other extra options for you to interact with the artifact. And according to the game’s latest updates, you will dictate the new trait your main species acquire by choosing the preferred option.

    In our quick guide, we briefly described each stage available for the orbital speed demon event. Take a couple of minutes to this review, and you will understand how to handle the Stellaris Alien Box and what benefits it can reward you with.

    Stellaris Alien Box Event

    This is what the orbital speed demon event looks like from start to finish.

    The Event’s First Stage

    Once you have triggered the event chain, the game will offer you several actions to pick from. While the first two options involve interacting with the box, the third one will allow you to finish the event instantly. If you decide to complete the chain right away, you will gain 200 XP to level up your science ship. In other cases, you will be able to reach the event’s second stage within a certain amount of time.

    The Event’s Second Stage

    Basically, the second phase boils down to performing one of the three available actions. Having opened the box, you will skip the third step and move on to the fourth stage. Studying the artifact will allow you to move on to the third phase, and if you choose to get rid of it, the quest will reward you with 300 XP.

    The Event’s Third Stage

    Examining the box in the second phase has certain implications. After that, you will have to deal with a special project and complete it before the chain’s third step begins. If you finished this project successfully, you can either open the artifact or sell it. Those preferring to get as many physics research points as possible should open the alien box. This will allow you to accumulate from 150 to 10,000 of such points and proceed to the fourth phase by completing another additional project.

    As for the sale, it will finalize the event and grant you a generous reward as well. In this case, you will receive up to 10,000 physics research points in addition to minerals and energy credits.

    The Event’s Fourth Stage

    Regardless of whether you decide to open the artifact at the second step or take the time to study it, you cannot trigger the fourth phase without completing the “Cracking Open the Alien Box” quest.

    Once you have finished this project, there are 4 steps you can take. The first three options will allow you to apply one of the available coloured bottles and proceed to the chain’s last step. But if you choose the fourth option and sell these vials, this deal will bring you minerals (100-500) and energy credits (150-1000).

    Keep in mind that each of the flacons has specific properties, and their final stages vary considerably.

    The Event’s Fifth Stage

    After selecting one of the coloured options, you will have to wait a few days to get to the event’s final stage. Depending on the bottle chosen, your empire’s core species will get the following positive features:

    • The green option will improve your species with the Bioadaptability trait and make them 5% more habitable;
    • The red option will improve your species with the Limited Regeneration trait and will allow your ground forces to deal 10% more damage. Also, thanks to this attribute, your leader will live 10 years longer.
    • The blue option will improve your species with the Social Pheromones trait and scrape off 5% from your Pop housing usage.

    Even if you did not have the slightest idea about this mysterious chain event, our guide will help you participate in it without any difficulties. Just follow the step-by-step recommendations, and your empire will get its long-awaited improvement pretty soon.


    10 (Votes: 2)


    • Daniel Arnold
      Thanks, I'll try to get to the last step.

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      I love this game for quests like this. This is an incredible universe!

    • Jekson Addington
      The final stage is worth the wait.

    • Frank Benson
      At least now I know what this box is all about.

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