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How to Play Strip Poker Game

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Author: Denis Malinka
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According to the countless polls, the strip poker game is most popular among men between the ages of 18 and 30! Of course, there are also women who play strip poker, as well. 

In Canada, night college students are the most likely to play strip poker. Indeed, in almost all universities and colleges in the western world, strip poker is a late night game.

How to Play Strip Poker Game

    More mature adults also play strip poker, although usually it is played in small groups of four to six friends. In addition to this, married couples often get into the game for fun in the privacy of their own homes.

    What Is Strip Poker?

    Strip poker is known to be a game that is focused on stripping. In other words, it is necessary to play poker in such a way that you force the opponents to lose and get off their clothes while you are supposed to keep on wearing as many cloth items as you can.

    There is very little information about the history of strip poker. It gained worldwide notoriety in the mid-1900s, and throughout the 1950s - 1970s, this quirky form of poker gained continuous growth..

    Some suggest that strip poker was one of the earliest games of poker, played before money was involved, but this is surely untrue.

    There are two main reasons strip poker fans play the game for. 

    • It is played with friends. No one completely undresses, and it is considered good entertainment. This is often played after a night where the alcohol has been brought out in good quantity.
    • The game is played more regularly with sexual intentions. Swinger parties are known to hold strip poker games as an “icebreaker” before moving on to more explicit times. The game here is definitely not at the forefront of the minds of gamers.

    In each scenario, the state of mind is light, whether it is the beginning of an evening or the end.

    How to Play Strip Poker

    No matter how many of players are presented at the table — you play at 2 with your partner, or at 4, for the most daring — you will start a game of traditional poker. 

    All of the poker components are preserved: calling, betting, raising and passing. Each player seeks to have the best hand to win the game and the bet. 

    A round ends when one of you runs out of tickets. So far, nothing could be more normal, apart from the fact that the loser will have to remove one of their clothes item. It is up to you to set the bids, and the number of tickets (or tokens) allocated to the item of clothing!

    Between baring the ingenuous and the daring skill, the game promises to be wild. The loser is the one who finds themselves nude in the eyes of all!

    Certain rules must be established before starting the game. 

    Socks and underpants are considered clothing, while jewelry and glasses are not. 

    There are usually three types of strip poker:

    • Quick strip poker: it is a more popular kind. This type of strip poker stipulates that each opponent is required to reveal their hand at the end of each round. The person with the strongest hand will be the only one to keep their clothes. The loser is the first naked player.
    • Medium-speed strip poker: here, only the player with the weakest hand takes off their clothes at the end of the round. As for the other, the loser is the first naked player.
    • Slow strip poker: its duration is longer than of the other two options. Usually, a player’s clothing replaces the chips when they do not want to give up the game despite being dry. If you are in the case and you have a certain bluff, you can restore your health by winning the chips of others and thus avoid stripping completely.

    It is quite possible to mix strip poker with other games — some prefer a five card draw poker or Texas Hold’em.

    Strip Poker Rules

    The basic rules of any strip poker game are that the losers take off their clothes while the winners can see their friends naked or semi-naked. In general, there is no money involved, and the game is always played with little seriousness, with people who are not very prudish.

    There are several ways a game of strip poker can be organized, the most popular involves:

    • A minimum of four players.
    • A standard deck of cards (52 cards).
    • To play, nothing is easier.

    Generals rules can be shaped in the following way:

    • Distribute 5 cards to each person. Every person has the right to change 3 cards out of the 5 obtained, but they can also keep their cards, without changing them.
    • When everyone has changed their cards, they are laid on the table.
    • The person with the best combination wins the round.
    • Losers must take off a piece of clothing and continue playing.
    • The person who finds themselves naked, without clothes, loses the game.
    • Some sites, prohibited for those under 18, offer to play strip poker online, or to go and play on television on strip poker TV. 

    How Will ou Manage the Process of Striping

    Before starting the game, you should first off evaluate your clothes items and accessories items to make them correspond to the tokens.

    In other words, each item is a separate unit. 

    When getting off the clothes, you may create your own rules or stick to the traditional ones.

    What Will Count as Clothing

    Actually, whenever you initiate the game, you can establish the rules and put it plainly what clothing units are considered.

    How to Make It Fair

    To make the game fairer, it is possible to define a certain number of outfits per opponent. To avoid long games, the ideal is to agree on a number of 5 clothes, on average.

    Different Formats For Strip Poker Game

    A simple poker game like Five Card poker or Texas Hold‘em are a great game of strip poker. After the hand is over, the loser must remove one item of clothing. 

    When a person is completely naked, they must get dressed, and the game can start again. 

    Needless to say, the worst poker players will be the ones who strip most of the time, so invite some friends of yours who have little or no poker knowledge and study up on poker before accepting an invitation.

    As long as you are playing privately with consenting adults, strip poker is generally legal worldwide, but beware of more religious countries. 

    Strip poker differs from classic poker because the purpose is not pecuniary, but fun. 

    However, you can combine it with other forms of poker, such as Texas Hold’em or 5 Card Draw and others. The game procedure will depend on the type of poker chosen but certain conditions relating to strip poker must be established before the start of the game.

    Five Card Draw

    If you have played any other form of poker, the rules of 5 Card Draw are similar in that the object of the game is to make the best 5-card poker hand. Just like Texas Hold’em, the hand rankings, from weakest to strongest, are as follows:

    • High card;
    • A pair;
    • Two pairs;
    • Three of a kind;
    • Fifth;
    • Flush;
    • Full;
    • Square;
    • Straight flush;
    • Royal Flush.

    Regarding betting before card exchanges, there are two different methods used in 5 Card Draw:

    • Either all players pay a bet before receiving their cards (this is more common in home games), or 
    • There is a small blind and a big blind like in Texas Hold’em.

    Three different betting structures also exist for closed poker. You can play

    • Limit; 
    • No limit; 
    • Pot limit draw. 

    Although all three formats play by the same poker rules, the different betting structures mean your strategy needs to be adapted. 

    For example, some hands that you would not play in limit 5 Card Draw become playable in no limit because in the latter case you can bet enough to force your opponent to fold.

    Texas Hold’em

    A “button” is placed in front of the dealer. In Texas Hold’em, a dealer is the one who distributes the cards. 

    In case if you play with a permanent dealer (always the same one), they can also play if you are with friends but in general the permanent dealer does not play. 

    As each player must distribute the cards in turn, in this case of the permanent dealer, the button symbolizes the person who should normally distribute. It also indicates the place of the blind and surblind which is successively to the left of the dealer.

    Indeed, in Texas Hold’em, only two players pay so that the first cards of the blow are distributed to all players. This is the first player to the left of the dealer (button D) who is the small “Blind”, and the second player after the button which is the big “Blind”(because they must bet double the blind). 

    These two amounts are known by convention at the start of the game.

    The blinder (player #1) puts obligatorily a pre-established sum (usually the chip, which is the smallest unit token) followed by the big blind, who puts them the equivalent of double the blind: The big blind (Player #2).

    After the dealer shuffles the deck, the player to the right of the dealer cuts the deck. The dealer deals the two hole cards one by one to each player in a clockwise direction and without burning the first card. Then, the 1st round of speech really begins.

    Texas Hold’em is the most popular and fast-paced version of poker, and the rules are simple and clear. It is a game where the auctions are virtual without monetary value and disputed for pure entertainment. No virtual credit can be exchanged for cash.

    To participate, the user must have virtual game credits on their account greater than or equal to the buy-in of the table. The number of participants can vary from 2 to 8, and this variant of Poker is played with a full deck of 52-card Poker without jokers.

    Each player receives 2 cards visible to them only (so-called “closed” cards). 5 cards visible to all players (known as “open”) are placed as the betting rounds proceed in the centre of the table. 

    Each player composes their hand by combining their 2 closed cards (visible to them alone) and the 5 open cards (visible to all and arranged progressively in the middle of the table). 

    To win in Texas Hold’em, there are 2 solutions: hold the best hand or pass your opponents by convincing them that you have the best hand. The best hand in Texas Hold’em Poker is the best combination of 5 cards from the 7 each player has. 

    The tricks are:

    • First round of speech;
    • Flop;
    • Turn;
    • River;
    • Showdown.

    Tips & Tricks for a Great Strip Poker Night

    We have accomplished a short list of the perks to use for the greatest night of strip poker:

    1. The atmosphere is at the heart of the game. Reconnect with the saloons of the good old days. However, there is no need to empty the bottle of whiskey to roll a dead drunk under the table, or to take out the cigars. 
    2. Raise the tension. It is the duel in your couple that will stimulate your partner. Give the best of yourself. No question of letting yourself be plucked quickly, to find yourself “naked” literally and figuratively! Bluff, strategy, knowing smiles, ambiguous glances would play greatly.
    3. And drop the underwear! With style. No question of undressing as you would in the evening before going to bed, to snuggle up under the duvet. Go slowly, be suggestive, whether it is a button on a blouse, a belt, or panties, put some heart and pheromones into it.
    4. Choose the underwear. The main objective of strip poker is to drive your partner’s libido crazy and offer him a memorable show. Gentlemen and ladies alike, wake up the cabaret girl and the go-go boy who lies dormant in you! The key to successful Strip Poker is your underwear. String (for him) or garter (for her) are recommended. 
    5. Light the fire! The outside temperature should encourage you to show off your plastic in a certain comfort. Goosebumps are rarely an erotic stimulant.

    Strip Poker Game Do’s & Don’ts

    ​​Strip poker is one of the tricks to get out of marital monotony. You can also invite your close friends to take part in the table, if they do not mind undressing. To have a good time, you must use your imagination to make the game a pure moment of fun.


    Act up! Pretend being an actor or an actress when playing and when stripping.


    Do not hesitate to bring together the necessary conditions to make your interior pleasant. For example, you can opt for dim lighting, cushions, comfortable sofas, good soft music and other ideas to relax the atmosphere and put your partner or opponents at ease. If it is cool, do not forget to turn on the heat.



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