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Terraria 1.4 Console Update and Patch Notes Today (September 30)

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You might have been expecting a new update of Terraria for consoles for about a year. And here it came! The official release of Terraria 1.4 took place on September 30, 2021. 

Terraria 1.4 Console Update and Patch Notes Today (September 30)

    So, the well-known Journey’s End (a new update) is currently available for playing either on PlayStation 4 or Xbox One. However, the update for Nintendo Switch is not accessible at the moment. 

    Let us cast a glance at what novelties you can stumble upon in the most recent update? What kind of features would amaze you? What is epic about the Journey’s End expansion?

    Terraria: Journey’s End

    The Journey’s End expansion is known to be officially released in May 2020. The main prerequisite for the release was the ninth anniversary of Terraria. 

    Since September 2021, the update has been available, so the gamers could have had a lot of time to enjoy it and experience something new.

    So, what are the newest features you can find in the updated Terraria game? Check it out:

    • An absolutely innovative feature of Journey Mode

    It is about a new world and the difficulty mode of the character. The latter ensures total control over the style in which you play.

    • A new Master Mode 

    It comprises a luck system, new weather conditions, new bosses and foes, and even the function of playing golf.

    If you think that is all you can find, you are wrong! There is a set of other steeping features to enjoy. Just consider the updates for the patch notes below!

    Terraria 1.4 Version Update Patch Notes

    The official name of the updated patch notes is called Journey’s End. You will have a perfect chance to enjoy even more fascinating new features. 

    We have conducted a list of the most vital traits to pay attention to, so if you are interested in getting the complete list, be sure to visit the official forum dedicated to Terraria.

    We have divided all the new perks into two categories: consoles’ changes and content changes.

    Read on till the end not to miss any significant detail about the game’s updated features, as they would assist you in scoring the best results ever!

    New Modifications for Consoles

    • Vertical vs Horizontal Split Screen Toggle
    • Updated and revised settings and options host, varying from graphic level to control profiles with some extra perks
    • UI Changes to monitor the Journey’s End traits
    • Updated Gamepad mapping to track the wide scope of Journey’s End control tools so that Defaults (Console Legacy, Advanced, and Simplified) were added up.

    New Content

    • Updated monumental Terraria music and sound effects
    • Compared to version 1.3.5, 1K+ new items were added, providing players with over 5K items in total
    • Blood Moon and Lava Fishing got expanded
    • New Enemies to Battle, Critters to find, and two recently added Boss Encounters
    • Brand-new mini biomes.

    Master Mode

    The main point of the new Master Mode in the game is that a gamer supposes to prove that he or she is a Master of Terraria. 

    In what way?

    The Master Mode aims to punish a gamer for any—even the slightest—mistake. In such a way, the mode may seem pretty harsh. In reality, it contributes to more spiced gaming experiences.

    Full Rebalance Pass on Enemies and Items

    As an integral component of Journey’s End, the game designers team that worked on developing the game examined and re-considered the balance of the game content. 

    No stone was left unchanged from start to finish. Besides, all gears were not left unaccounted for. By the final, the only thing to remain is a total rebalancing of the game from up to down, namely:

    • Stats have changed
    • Music and audio effects got improved
    • Functionality got modified. 

    There is no better time to start afresh playthrough and encounter the updated Terraria for the first time!

    Block Swap

    When first trying Block Swap out, you would indeed have the question in your mind like “how on earth did I play the game without this?” Being one of the most powerful changes to Quality of Life, it simplifies the actions of constructing a building. 

    From now on, you would not need to break your building but replace the existing blocks and put them away. As a result, the new blocks would appear, and you would place them where you need them, while the old ones would stay near the building for you to pick them up when necessary.

    Graveyard Biome

    The game developers created this feature to adjust most mysteries to the game. If there are plenty of tombs, the mists fall down, and the secrets may unravel. But which of them exactly and how could they change the game?  

    Void Vault

    According to the game providers, the Void Vault is modified in such a way that it becomes a part of the inventory, which extends a player’s bag. It happens when a player creates a situation where there is a combination with the Void Bag.


    The brand-new feature of the Terraria Golf introduces the following traits to the game:

    • Myriads of the golf clubs
    • Scorekeeping
    • An absolutely new way to play golf
    • New epic golf courses.

    So, play and see who is going to have the best short game played? Besides, consider who has what it takes to make that clutch putt when it’s all on the line? The game will be amazing, no doubts!

    All the new features that the developers enriched the game with tend to contribute significantly to the brighter gaming experiences. No matter if you played the game before, the update as of September 2021 would fascinate you.

    Play the game, share your scores with friends, and enjoy the pastime—all these points would not let you quit the game fast.


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