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The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt - A Detailed Look at the Iconic Game

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Author: Denis Malinka
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After completing The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt, you will surely feel overwhelmed with emotions. In this amazing game, each player faces an unfamiliar world that contains numerous adventure stories and mystical secrets.

The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt - A Detailed Look at the Iconic Game

    This project gave the players more than fantastic storytelling, explicit intimate scenes and an incredible fantasy atmosphere. The Witcher 3 has proven to be one of the most iconic titles in gaming history. And in our review, you will find out why you should not miss this wild hunt.

    Why is the Witcher a Perfect Adventure Hero?

    When the so-called Conjunction of the Spheres shook the Witcher’s world, this universe began to suffer from constant attacks from otherworldly monsters. To cope with these monsters, humanity went to desperate measures and created witchers. These mutants have an accelerated metabolism and can withstand the most dangerous creatures thanks to their skills and elixirs.

    Unlike other cool heroes, our witcher - Geralt - does not waste time on chatter. Instead, he is willing to help ordinary people in non-standard, anomalous situations for a fair price. Do you need to get rid of the local chimera that scares all the citizens? Call the witcher. Has your daughter become a victim of a terrible curse? The Witcher will help you deal with this. Do you need to find and destroy a rare monster? Geralt will find it and bring you its head.

    Given such a reputation of the main character, he always fits into even the most incredible stories involving magic and other insane things. Thanks to this, you feel like a full-fledged participant in all the impressive in-game events.

    You Will Hunt in the Massive Open World

    The third instalment of the gaming franchise deviated from the previous games’ structure and freed Geralt. It allowed him to travel to a variety of locations in a seamless, open world. This approach helps players to dive into the game’s story and provides them with endless opportunities to interact with the environment.

    You can see both icy wastelands with dangerous giants and picturesque forests inhabited by no less bloodthirsty creatures. From the flower fields of Novigrad and the gloomy atmosphere of Oxenfurt to the island nightmares of Velen, The Witcher 3 will definitely offer you a lot of memorable locations.

    And This World is Full of Unexpected Adventures

    Unfortunately, most modern games that rely on RPG elements suffer from one major drawback - completely dull quests that almost never offer interesting gameplay or story aspects. The Witcher, on the other hand, does not follow this trend and provides players with numerous exciting missions.

    The game’s developers made sure that we were motivated to explore this beautiful virtual world with its fantastic creatures. They filled it not only with excellent main quests but also with side stories that sometimes even surpass the main plot in its epicness.

    When you hear that this project is called one of the best achievements in the gaming industry, this is not an exaggeration. Thanks to thoughtful quests, CD Projekt RED managed to create an amazing world which you want to return to. Even if you already know how the main story ends. This is one of the key reasons on why players continue to adore the Witcher 3 characters even 7 years after the release.

    How Will You Develop Your Character?

    You will come across a slightly modified development system for Geralt. With each level, your witcher will receive more health and one point for learning some kind of talent. All skills are divided into four branches, including swordsmanship, signs, alchemy, etc. The more points you focus on every such branch, the more additional talents you will receive. The only catch is that Geralt has few slots for active skills. So, if you distribute your points randomly, keep in mind that some of your skills will turn out to be useless.

    When it comes to builds, most experienced players emphasize two specific strategies. You can equip yourself with light armour, become an excellent swordsman and enhance your attacks by relying on the appropriate mutagens. But if this approach seems too straightforward to you, you can dive into alchemy recipes and use more defensive techniques to destroy your enemies.

    Realistic and Thoughtful Combat System

    The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt would never have received so many prestigious gaming awards without a superb combat system. Since we are talking about a fairly large and varied world, you will face numerous types of enemies, and the fight against each of them will have its own features.

    Your typical battles against humans will revolve around perfect parrying. If you manage to catch the rhythm and successfully dodge all attacks, your fight will surely remind you of a dance. And the more enemies surround you, the more impressive moves you have to perform.

    As for the battles against monsters, you will have to use more defensive tactics. Each powerful blow of some giant or other beast can become fatal for you. So, in order not to become a victim of some strange mythical creature, you will have to dodge attacks even harder.

    In addition to the typical melee weapons, you will be able to defeat your enemies with various signs. Quen will help you survive if you stumble upon especially dangerous monsters. And Aard will allow you to push back weaker opponents who try to surround you.

    The beauty of this combat system is that it can turn even a fight against low-ranking enemies into an fascinating battle. In other words, you will be able to participate in numerous mini-adventures around every corner.

    Is The Witcher 3 the Perfect Game?

    Even though this RPG project has shocked millions of players with its detail and amazing storyline, it has certain drawbacks. They do not hurt the overall experience but they may break your immersiveness at times. For example, NPCs tend to act weird and deviate from their scripts in some quests.

    Apart from this, you may encounter rare crashes during massive battles. But even considering these minor issues, the developers have thought through the checkpoint system in such a way that you do not lose a lot of game time after such unexpected errors.

    The Game’s Key Advantages and Weaknesses



    The memorable main character

    Slightly overloaded menu interface

    Massive open world that reacts to story changes

    Control system could be smoother

    Numerous objects to explore


    Amazing visual style


    Engaging main story and side quests


    Atmospheric soundtrack



    Given the trends of the modern gaming industry, it seems that we will have to wait a long time for another game of this magnitude. The developers from CD Projekt RED have made a titanic effort to create a quality RPG story. But when the process had come to an end, they received something much more - the endless gratitude of the players for a virtual world that they will never forget.


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