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Warzone Best CX-9 Loadouts and Attachments

13:22 November 29, 2021 3 2305
Author: Denis Malinka
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Many players hoped that the Warzone’s fourth season would bring some updates to the gameplay, and the developers did not disappoint them. They decided to diversify their arsenal and added the CX-9 to the battle royale mode. And now, this effective SMG is gradually becoming more and more popular among virtual soldiers.

Warzone Best CX-9 Loadouts and Attachments

    This weapon has a pretty intriguing history. Some players claim that they have already used this SMG in the past thanks to a brief bug. Moreover, they even managed to save the weapon without completing the required gameplay quest in some cases. 

    Even thought the gaming community embraced this SMG right after the initial release, the developers prepared an update for it within one week. With a slightly improved headshot multiplier and other useful tweaks, this weapon has evolved into an even more reliable supporting option for snipers. Therefore, it come as no surprise that players have started looking for the bext CX-9 loadouts and attachments so actively. 

    If you have not managed to get your hands on this new SMG yet, you will need to complete a fairly simple challenge. The game will ask you to do 2 long distance frags during 5 separate matches. Keep in mind that we are talking about weapons from the Modern Warfare’s arsenal. It means that you can complete the quest in Warzone and Modern Warfare exclusively. Just do not forget to invite some friends to your group to make the process more fun and enjoyable. 

    The Most Balanced Warzone CX-9 Loadout 

    • Barrel: CX-38S
    • Rear Grip: CX-9 Clutch Grip
    • Optic: G.I. Mini Reflex
    • Underbarrel: Merc Foregrip
    • Ammunition: 50 Round Drums 

    Those wishing to find a more versatile build should give this loadout a shot. Thanks to the advanced G.I. Mini Reflex optics, you will be able to destroy more enemies at long and medium distances. Since you have to deal with noticeable recoil, the CX-9 Clutch Grip and CX-38 barrel make the difference for this SMG. Moreover, the Merc Foregrip allows you to achieve even more stable shooting.

    Best Warzone CX-9 Loadout for Close Encounters 

    • Muzzle: Monolithic Suppressor
    • Laser: 5mW Laser
    • Rear Grip: CX-9 Clutch Grip
    • Ammunition: 50 Round Drums
    • Perk: Sleight Of Hand 

    This build is intended for players who prefer to deal with enemies from a closer distance. The large magazine will keep your targets under fire pressure at all times. 5mW Laser helps you to increase your hip shooting accuracy. And if you have to attack opponents from a longer distance, you can count on the Monolithic Suppressor to minimize the recoil. 

    Best Warzone CX-9 Loadout 

    When it comes to the best Warzone CX-9 loadout, nothing beats the following selection, which is battle-proven by numerous players. 

    • 50 Round Drums
    • Sleight of hand
    • Commando Foregrip
    • CX-FR
    • Monolithic Suppressor 

    Tiny clips are one of the key drawbacks that prevent this SMG from becoming an even more deadly weapon. With the default mags, you can do no more than 2 frags without reloading. So if you use 50 Round Drums, you are much more likely to improve your kill-to-death (KDA) ratio. In addition, you can change your mags 50% faster thanks to the Sleight of Hand skill Also, you should consider that this attachment will slightly decrease your movement speed. But the mere killer potential must compensate for this factor. 

    The developers made this SMG a fairly accurate weapon by default, however, Commando Foregrip will allow you to put the things to the whole new level. Attach this underbarrel to your CX-9, and you will notice that its recoil has dropped noticeably. Plus, this useful item will stabilize your aiming.  

    The weapon’s noise production and range also play a vital role in your overall combat effectiveness. And with this is mind, the Monolithic Suppressor is an essential piece of your gear. As for the CX-FR, this item will help you improve the SMG’s aiming and movement speed. This aspect is worth considering as the other loadout’s parts will reduce your mobility. 

    Which Perks and Equipment Are the Best for CX-9 Loadouts 

    If you want to maximize your build’s impact on the battlefield, you need to use reasonable equipment, secondary weapons and perks. The Warzone’s gaming community considers the following options to be the most effective in this regard. 

    • Throwing Knife / Heartbeat Sensor as your equipment:
    • Kar98k (with Overkill) or Sykov (with Ghost) as your secondary weapon:
    • Amped, Overkill / Ghost or EOD as your essential perks. 

    Keep in mind that these guidelines are not unquestionalbe, and you can and should vary them according to your playing style. The CX-9 is a powerful and flexible weapon that opens up numerous gameplay possibilities for you. All you left to do is to combine our best Warzone loadouts with your skills and move on to your future exciting battles.


    10 (Votes: 2)


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