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What Do The Weapon Colors In Fortnite Mean?

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Damage per shot, fire speed, headshot efficiency and rarity impact. Read all about weapons in Fortnite here. Discover the statistics and the operation of the latest weapons available on the Battle Royale of Epic Games.

As in all battle royales, weapons reign in Fortnite. It is to find the best gun that you take the risk of going from house to house and the first weapon you pick up when you land will often determine your survival or your death for the next few seconds.

To always know if you should swap your rifle for the brand new weapon that just appeared in front of you. You are on the right article.

What Do The Weapon Colors In Fortnite Mean?

    Weapons in Fortnite

    First, go the weapons. You should know that there are a lot of weapons in Fortnite.

    There are

    • Assault Rifles;
    • Shotguns;
    • Machine Pistols;
    • Snipers;
    • Pistols;
    • Explosive Weapons, and finally
    • Grenades.

    Not to mention pickaxes... So we are going to focus on all the weapons in the game (even those that are no longer playable in Normal Mode).

    Here is the list of all the weapons according to their categories.

    Assault Rifles The Scar, The Silent Scar, The Famas, The Thermal Assault Rifle, The Infantry Rifle, The Burst Assault Rifle, The M16, The AK-47, The Scoped Assault Rifle and the Light machine gun.
    Shotguns The Automatic Pump, The Hunter Pump, The Heavy Shotgun, The Double Shotgun and The Spas-12
    Machine guns The P90, The Tactical Submachine Gun, The Minigun (It is not a Pistol but used as a submachine gun), The Silent Submachine Gun, The Submachine Gun and the Thompson
    The snipers The Bow, The Barrett, The Silent Sniper, The Single Shot Sniper, The Semi-Auto Sniper, The Rifle and Crossbows
    The guns Scoped Revolver, Silent Pistol, Double Pistol, Colt and Pistol
    Explosive weapons The Grenade Launcher, The Rocket Launcher, The Quadrilaunchers, The C4, The Dynamites and The Rockets
    Grenades The Giant Grenade, The Grenade, The Sticky Grenade, The Smoke Bomb, The Poison Bomb, The Boogie-Woogie, The Repellents and The Pocket Forts

    Colour Means Quality

    All weapons in the game come in different colors, this color indicates both the rarity of the weapon and its strength.

    The M16, for example, is available in white, green and blue. The blue version is rare while the white version is common, but the blue one has better stats.

    Colour Meaning
    White Common
    Green Unusual
    Blue Uncommon
    Violet Epic
    Orange Legendary

    These colors represent the rarity of weapons, Gray represents common weapons while Orange represents very rare weapons. It is therefore better to use green weapons than gray, blue than green, purple than blue and orange than purple.

    These Weapons can be found either in Chests, in Balloons (Supplies falling on the map at some point in the game), but also on the Ground, in Houses, etc.

    Depending on the Color of your Weapon, it will reload more or less quickly, have more or less good accuracy and do more damage... or not!

    For example: The Epic Scar will do less damage than the Legendary Scar.

    In the description of a weapon we have a lot of information.

    First of all, there is the information on the Physique of the Weapon, i.e., the Colour and its range.

    We will exemplify the Legendary Scar.

    They give us as information:

    • The Weapon is legendary, it is a Ranged weapon.
    • Next, we have Five Stars which represent the quality of the weapon.

    DPS (aka Damage Per Second) represents the Damage a Weapon can do in a single second. (But, that does not mean you are going to do the number of DPS as damage in a single second, for example the Scar has a DPS of 198, but we will not do 198 damage in a second).

    Then there is the damage when shooting an enemy’s body part. For example, with a Scar we will do 32 damage to someone and 72 (double) if we aim for the head.

    Then there is the Rate of Fire which is 5.5 which is the number of shots per second, so you fire Five bullets and half the time of one bullet in one second. Thereafter, we can see the Size of the Magazine therefore 30 then the Reloading Time which is 2.1.

    What Does It Change?

    A higher rarity weapon deals more damage, reloads faster, and is slightly more accurate than a lower quality weapon.

    Firing speed and number of bullets in magazines are not affected by weapon rarity.

    Scarcity Damage Shots per second Reload time Charger size
    Unusual 29 1 6.56 5
    Uncommon 30 1 6.25 5
    Epic 32 1 5.93 5
    Legendary 33 1 5.62 5

    Understanding the level of rarity in Fortnite, the color codes of weapons and equipment, here is a list to fully understand and know the different rarities of Fortnite weapons. For starters, understanding rarity is an essential part of selecting which weapons to keep and which to throw on the ground. Here is the detailed guide to help you make this choice.

    However, knowing what the Fortnite rarity level represents is crucial, which is what we are going to see in this article. In addition, if you are looking for information, tips, tricks and other detailed guides, our main guide will be able to help you.


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