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Fortnite Spray Can locations

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Author: Denis Malinka
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As you may know, getting spray cans is a challenge in the Fortnite’s Season 10 of Chapter 2. 

It concerns the list of missions for week 2 and contributes to your gaining the EXP for your Battle Pass.

Fortnite Spray Can locations

    This quest is one of the challenges of week 2 of season 10 of Fortnite. It will require you to collect two spray cans. These are tiny objects, which can be tricky to discern in some cases. 

    Anyway, you should not panic, as we have located all the destinations showcasing the exact location of each spray. 

    If you still have trouble seeing them, do not hesitate to smash everything in the area: the sprays are indestructible, and only they will remain standing after your pickaxes!

    Fortnite Spray Can Locations: A Short Review

    This time, players will be supposed to seek and gather a set of five lost spray cans being scattered around Fortnite Island.

    The very process of discovering these five spray cans is difficult if you do not know where you are to seek them.

    Fortunately for you, we have accomplished this useful guide, which will take you exactly to every spray can, so that you can gather them and carry on on your way.

    Let us plunge into the details!

    Spray Cans’ Locations in Fortnite in Detail

    There is no intrigue, and we are ready to share the exact places with you.

    Let us showcase it with more examples, so that you would be able to make up a strategy on how you can successfully gain each of the cans.

    While you would only be able to find the 5 spray cans to complete this challenge, we have described all of the spray can locations below, including all the additional information on these areas.

    As you can see, most of the spray cans are fairly well distributed, meaning you will likely find yourself playing a few game sessions before you manage to find and gather enough to have the challenge accomplished.

    The first spray can that you are able to take is in Shifty Shafts. Get directed to the eastern edge, then go down into the mine being situated right next to the parking lot with the little hut. In the mine, turn left and drill through the wall to dig out a new section with a chest. You also dig out the first of your spray cans inside this location.

    The second spray can is situated just south of Shifty Shafts, in the area of ​​the map covered with snow. To grab it, be sure to walk down towards the nightclub and seek a camping tent having a campfire put nearby once you approach E3. This spray can surely be found exactly on the right, almost nearby the tent, under a few patches on the side.

    The Fortnite players have to discover another lost spray can in Viking Village, north of Frosty Flights, to add to their collection. To have it done, just go to the waterfall, then look for this spray can at the base of a large tree.

    Now on, you are heading north—to the end of the torrent of lava that flows from the volcano. G4 is the location of this lost spray. To be more precise, the spray can is actually behind one of the pillars near the tunnel leading to Tomato Town. For Fortnite veterans, this should be a well-known place. If you are having trouble finding the box, just follow the lava flow all the way to the end, and you should manage it in a pretty easy manner.

    This one more spray can is possible to be found nearby a set of barrels. These are situated in a small mine in E3 sector, located southeast of The Block. Once you stumble upon the mine, be directed over to it to seek that spray can at the tunnel near three barrels stacked on top of each other.

    Here you are! 

    These are the five lost spray cans which you can discover trouble-free in Fortnite—you will need them to grab the Spray and Pray challenge rewards.

    We wish you the most exciting gaming experiences with Fortnite, as we are aware that you will discover all of the spray cans easier from now on!


    10 (Votes: 1)



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