22 Sep


Frequently asked questions

The logo of both companies seems the same, but Maestro and Mastercard are two different companies. First of all, Maestro is a subsidiary company, which Mastercard owns. The Maestro debit card has no CVV, and this aspect makes this type of card useless for online purchases. The prepaid card obtains a CVV code and can be used for topping up your casino account.

The Maestro debit or prepaid card can be used within a network of Mastercard. The company states that you may use the services of the Maestro card in over 90 countries worldwide.

It is not mandatory to enter a CVV security code to process a financial transaction while using a Maestro card. You need to fill the required fields by giving your card’s details.

Absolutely! Most online gambling establishments cooperate with Maestro, and this cooperation allows you to initiate depositing and withdrawing operations without difficulties.