30 Jul


When it comes to depositing or withdrawal, your online casino account, one of the greatest options is Skrill.

Providing its services in over 120 countries and offering 40 different currency variations, Skrill takes a well-deserved place globally. Responsible customer service, smart and safe payments, and easy to use interface are what you will expect from this online payment company.

Frequently asked questions

Using Skrill Money Transfer, you can easily send your money from the Skrill balance to your banking card.

Skrill does not have any limitations and restrictions for the minimum deposit. But the company does not allow you to charge your Skrill balance for more than 10,000.00 Canadian dollars per transaction.

Yes, you can own two different Skrill accounts, but make sure they use different e-mail addresses and phone numbers.

Unfortunately, it is true. If you want to withdraw your money from this service, you need to pay a fixed amount of 5.50 Canadian dollars. Transactions between different Skrill account cost 1.9% of the transactional amount and cannot overstep the edge of 20 dollars.