24 Apr

Terms of Use

A few rules for us and you

The Term of Use regulates relationships between the owner of the Gamblerkey.org (hereunder referred to the Administration) and the User.

GamblerKey is not a mass media but a playground, which is allowed to the adults (18+) only. The website works as an affiliate of independent information to persons who are interested in playing online casinos. Any presented information on the website has informational purposes and cannot be considered as a legal recommendation under any circumstances.

On the website, we collect useful and helpful information about casinos: news, reviews, players’ feedback, casinos ranking. If to study this question more carefully, you need to take into account many factors and compare different variants, that can take a lot of time and effort. Therefore, GamblerKey realizes a wide range of filters to make it easier for you.

You can find an appropriate casino at our ranking, where many gambling establishments are represented. Every online casino has a rating paying respect to all factors which are necessary for great service work: reliability, security, license, collection of the games, players’ feedback, payment systems, etc. Going to the website, you will see top casinos in your region. But if you are interested in top casinos from different countries around the world, then you can apply the filters. You are able to use different filters depending on your purposes and searching requests.

Our primary goal is to create an objective ranking, where every online casino gets the desired assessment. Objectivity is the core of our work. GamblerKey Team developed special software that collects all the data about online casinos. According to these data, the software calculates the ranking.

Using this website, you are agreed with the terms of the agreement.

If you disagree with these terms, then do not use the GamblerKey website.

The administration of the website gives the right to the user to publish the following information:

  • Text information;
  • Links to third-party websites. IMPORTANT! The administration reserves the right to delete the links published on any page of the GamblerKey website.

What Are the Rights and Obligations for User and Administration?

The User has rights to:

  • Look for the information on the website;
  • Get the information from the website;
  • Create the information for the website;
  • Promote the information on the website;
  • Make comments to the published content on the website;
  • Copy the information of the website but by indicating links to the source;
  • Use the information on the website for personal and non-commercial purposes.

The Administration has rights to:

  • Correct, change, or cancel the rules at its own discretion and need;
  • Restrict the access to any information on the website;
  • Create, change and delete the information on the website;
  • Delete the User’s accounts;
  • Refuse registration without any explanations.

The User is obligated to:

  • Provide the correct information;
  • Do not promote the information which can lead to conflicts, foment national, race, and religious confrontation; any other information is restricted, which leads to criminal and administrative responsibilities.
  • Do not disrupt the performance of the website;
  • Do not take actions which focus on to mislead other users;
  • Do not publish ads, erotic/pornographic, or violating content and other information which is prohibited or contrary to the norms of the current legislature of your country;
  • Do not use scripts (software) for automatic data collection and/or its cooperation with the website and its services.

The Administration is obligated to:

  • Maintain the performance of the website. The exception is when it is not possible to maintain the performance from the side of the Administration;
  • Realize a versatile protection User’s accounts;
  • Protect information on which promotion is restricted or prohibited by the Law.
  • Responsibilities of Both:
  • The User keeps the full responsibility of all promoted information;
  • The Administration is not responsible for the correctness of the copied from other sources information;
  • The Administration is not responsible for the discrepancy of awaiting and real services provided to the User;
  • The Administration is not responsible for the services given by third-party persons.

What Are the Terms of the Agreement?

  • The current agreement starts operating after the User uses the website;
  • The agreement stops operating after the appearance of its new version;
  • The Administration reserves the right to change the current agreement unilaterally;
  • The Administration will inform the User about all of the changes in this agreement.

How Can I Figure Out About the Reliability of Online Casinos?

The players’ experience is crucial for evaluating online casinos. It provides a more accurate overview of the casino. Providers can offer excellent bonus programs, gifts, and other pleasant features for the players. But you can face problems with withdrawing your money or something else. All the information you can get from the users’ feedback.

You need to understand a moment that everyone has its opinion. Therefore, online casino rankings can have less than 100% positive feedback and reviews. There are always dissatisfied players about some nuances. This is a subjective opinion. Anyway, the number of positive feedback should prevail.

The most common problem is the refusal of withdrawal or its intentional delaying. Why are they doing this? They do it for the reason that the player will have more time to spend the money partially of fully by playing the games.

One more important moment is the verification of the user. It is the second method to hold your money, which is used by unscrupulous owners.

Should I Rely on the License of the Online Casino?

The presence of the license is one of the requirements for the providers. On our website, you can find certified online casinos only. It is important to remember that the licenses are different. The UK gives the best and trustworthy license, among others. A good license shows the reliability of the online casino to the user.