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Biggest Win / May 28000$

Biggest Win / 2019 28000$

LiveCasinoGuy is one of the most popular streamers of casino games and one of the professional gamblers located in Canada. Regardless of having countless social network profiles, the information on this streamer is not versatile. In any case, we have succeeded in discovering some significant facts to share with you.

Read on to grab the most recent and secret details about LiveCasinoGuy to be able to implement all of the tactics by this gambler into your gambling strategy. There are not so many facts that the streamer shares on the web about his personal life. What is really known is that he is located in Canada.

No information about his real name, surname or his family can be found on the Internet. As for the age of LiveCasinoGuy, when watching the streams by this gambler, one may consider him to be no more than 30.

About the streamer

LiveCasinoGuy is also passionate about social networks. Some of his profiles are well evolved, while some need more attention. By the way, he seems to be the only streamer who has a TikTok account!

Below, you can find some of the profiles in social networks by LiveCasinoGuy, so that you will be able to stumble upon some nice streams and videos.

​​Channels and Streams

The first video stream by LiveCasinoGuy appeared in February 2020. And it was the beginning of triumphal gambling online.

The most popular videos by LiveCasinoGuy on Twitch are:

  • 15k bonus hunt last chance for Prop to Shine!! 5% to chat;
  • Prop has taken over!! 10k 5% to chat!;
  • Bonus opening!! 10k 5% to chat!;
  • Huge win on Voodoo;
  • Slots & Table Games.

As for the favourite games of LiveCasinoGuy, you may guess that he is fond of live dealer casino games. Along with this, slots are also the passion.

We are sure you will enjoy the videos by LiveCasinoGuy and you will have plenty of the benefits, since you can see how to gamble online and win really big in real time.


One of the biggest wins that LiveCasinoGuy grabbed from the casino is equal to $28,000.

When gambling online in real time, LiveCasinoGuy also loses. But his failures are pretty rare.

In fact, the main advantage of watching the streams by LiveCasinoGuy is that you can understand how gambling works and how it can be successful.


We have navigated all the web but have found no instances of scandalous situations where LiveCasinoGuy would participate.


In summary, we would love to mention that you can truly master your gambling skills by watching the streams from the professional gamblers.

The videos by LiveCasinoGuy are a real manifestation of how to win at an online casino and how to do it regularly.

Stick to this streamer and unlock the brand-new opportunities!



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