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How to make money fast in GTA Online

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Author: Anton Yurchenko
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It is no secret that the economy in GTA is in tatters: all of the prices are way too high for the rewards, and literally any activity gives it. It has made it more and more complex to observe any real progress in this game. As a result, plenty of gamers have been seeking ways to get their time optimized and make a lot of money legally.

How to make money fast in GTA Online

    We are here to guide you through a method to make big money in GTA in a respectable way and within a reasonable time frame.

    In addition, we will show you how to do it on your own and in cooperation with friends. The most profitable way is to do it alone or in pairs.

    Heist to Cayo Perico to Make Money

    The method we suggest here for earning cash in GTA has just one shortcoming: it requires upfront investment. You would be in need of the Kosatka submarine and its Landing Zone app for the Sparrow helicopter, which you will need to modify with missiles. The other extensions are not necessary for this process.

    • Landing zone with the sparrow ($1,8M + $240K for the missile customization)
    • Underwater killer whale (priced at $2,2K)
    • Using the interaction menu, high hoops as a boss at SecuroSev or in a biker club
    • $25K to prepare the Cayo Perico-based heist.

    Once we have all of this, we can start getting ready for the Cayo Perico heist in Cayo Perico. If you do it well, the process of getting ready should not occupy more than 20 minutes. In fact, it may take 30 minutes maximum if you have a difficult mission. You will improve times with repetition.

    The initial step is to start investigating the island of Cayo Perico. You can study it in detail, but it will extend the process to over one hour. You need to go ahead to the Communication Tower and watch the cameras to dig out what essential loot you have.

    This is the target loot. While a gamer is playing at random every time they start the move, there is the minimum amount you are going to take on each hit, minus a tiny percentage that the AI takes for just existing.

    However, you can increase this amount by transporting art, gold, drugs and silver by accessing the mansion rooms and some warehouses around the island.

    • Art: $176,2K — $199,7K (Occupies 50% of the bag)
    • Gold: $ 328K — $ 333K (One table occupies 75% of the bag)
    • Cocaine (drug): $220,5K — $225K (A table occupies 50% of the bag)
    • Weed (drug): $145,9K — $149K (A table occupies 45% of the bag)
    • Silver: $78,4K — $89,4K (One table is 35% full).

    Motorcycle Club Missions 

    The first thing to keep in mind is that you can start your own motorcycle gang in GTA Online. And, as a result, you can make up to $100K an hour!

    These motorcycle clubs can earn you money through passive tasks such as driving guns or dealing drugs, but they take time and a lot of money to reach their full potential. In addition, you will need to spend at least $200K on a base for your club.

    VIP Work at GTA

    Now, if you are a professional player in this game and/or you possess a business, you would be able to utilize it to adjust to your already huge sums. Nonetheless, if you are new to Los Santos, make an attempt to stumble upon someone who would be eager to assist in this action. 

    Similarly to Motorcycle Club missions that we have talked about recently, the VIP job can net you between $100K and $150K per hour. The income would surely depend directly on the mission time you would opt for and how fruitfully you can proceed from task to task.

    As a result, the top three alternatives would include:

    • Hostile Takeover
    • Headhunter, and
    • Seer.

    In addition to this, you will be eligible to get some regular cash cuts to sustain your business.

    Get Involved Into Risks at GTA Casino

    Diamond Casino provides its players with a pretty unusual way of winning and losing their money. In any case, you would surely have some steeping opportunities to earn money.

    The selection of various games in this casino gaming library is pretty nice, so you would get access to:

    • Roulette
    • Blackjack
    • Slot machines, etc.

    Notwithstanding, Inside Track horse racing is undoubtedly one of the top ways to make real money at the casino.

    During the time you await a particular mission to fade and restart, it would present a truly perfect task to spend a bit of your time. Yes, no one knows for sure but it would hypothetically be able to double or triple your revenue.

    So, integrate yourself in a game and grab gunfire from other players. Yes, you will definitely see that there is plenty of cash to be claimed!

    Vehicle Freight at GTA

    If you have an office (with the minimum cost of $1M) and vehicle warehouse (with the minimum cost of $1.5M) with an organization member (a CEO), you are ready for it.

    In the beginning, you can start an organization as a CEO from the SecuroServ option in the interaction menu:

    • Go to your office computer and select “Vehicle Cargo”, and
    • Press the “Source Vehicle” button.

    You will need to have a mission accomplished by stealing a vehicle and bringing it back to your vehicle warehouse.

    Be careful when bringing it back as the failure would sure thing lead to repair costs, which will impact your expected profits.

    To export the vehicle you purchased through a delivery mission for a profit, you can then use the laptop located at the vehicle warehouse.

    Original Heists

    You are to have a high-end apartment (minimum cost: $200K) and 3 friends to perform these heists.

    Go to the heist planning room of your upscale apartment and select the heist you have chosen to begin. You will need to pay an upfront cost to start the Heist as the host.

    Invite your three friends and work on the setup missions and the finale. Just like any other heist with good communication, you and your friends can easily pull off this heist.

    As a result, you will be able to grab up to $4ooK per hour!

    Cayo Perico Burglary

    It is the simplest method to earn your money in GTA.

    For this massive heist, you will need to have the Kosatka submarine (minimum cost: $2.2M) and a member of the organization (VIP/CEO). What you are to do is as follows:

    • Visit the Music Locker at the casino and encounter Miguel Madrazo.
    • Then you can buy the Kosatka submarine.

    Start an organization as a VIP or CEO from the SecuroServ option in the interaction menu, then go to your Kosatka and start the heist from the planning board.

    Keep in mind that you will need to gather information on the island, complete a few preparation missions and finally do the heist yourself.

    From the moment when the information appeared to the end of the heist, it should take an hour or less. Once you have improved, it will require you a lot less time.

    Here is how you can earn cash in GTA online whenever you want — an initial effort that will pay off in the long run!


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